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I HATE country music, but LOVE Sugarland

Sugarland made a concert stop in Green Bay and decided to give away some tickets. Instead of doing the typical “5th caller” thing on the radio (which I’m sure they did, but I don’t listen to country stations, because I HATE country music) they tweeted out a location, took a twitpic and made a YouTube video of where they hid some tickets in the Green Bay area.

I think it is AWESOME that Sugarland is doing these social media scavenger hunts at their tour stops. It’s fun, it makes them real people, and it rewards the crazy fans who will venture into a Wal-Mart and poke around gas cans looking for a magical envelope that makes dreams come true! While I have a strong dislike for country music, I now have a newly formed respect for a country duo with a sweet name. Thanks Sugarland, for letting me join in the fun.


See how it all ended…

Yep, still full of FAIL. 🙂


Slap Chop doesn’t cut it with my son

I’ve fallen in love with Steve Porter’s Slap Chop remix and thought I’d share the joy of YouTube goodness with my son, who wasn’t allowed to have a sleepover and was quite upset about it. Turned out to be full of FAIL.


What I’ve been up to…

Not sure why I’m posting this, maybe because a blog post makes things feel more significant.  More documented, more archived… you know, so my great grandkids can have something to talk to me about in the nursing home (besides the “why do you pee on the floor” stuff).


I’ve finally become a flickr fan boy.  It took me 3+ years and now I’m on board.  Then I get the lovely AT&T message — like I needed another reason to hate them.

Due to changes in your AT&T Internet Service, your Flickr Pro account will expire on 1st February, 2009. Happy Fucking New Year.

OK, I added the last line, but pretty sure that’s what it said before they had their lawyers look over it. And the screenshot below has been photoshoped, but accurately reflects the message they sent me.


On a positive note, here’s my recipe set, nothing earth shattering but @ijohnpederson actually made the “Chicken Wings (anti-Hooter style)” and said they changed his life. How cool is that!




I love YT.  Even when they threaten me with dropping my account due to copyright infringement.


Turns out a fat, bald man can’t sing Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinéad O’Connor… who knew. Obviously not me, I thought it fell under Fair Use/Paroday… oh well, I worked things out… kind of.

Work life:

I have three social media projects that are ready to pop.  A twitter stream for all Student Affairs departments is looking nice (and really needs to launch, especially after a University Business article mentioned the accounts).  A student leadership page with YouTube, flickr, twitter and a blog is coming together nicely.  And youtube/collegeanswers + twitter/collegeanswers is still being hammered out for Admissions, but is picking up steam.

To add to all the real work, I’ve been taking  Online Harassment Prevention Training (video) and trying to get the squirrels to eat my nuts (more video).

Not-at-work life:

Hard water weekends are back.  128 crappie last weekend, and @treestand got a new background image of the lake map.  Plus, we hid a wireless doorbell in Doug’s ice shanty and he’s going crazy.  Will post some video to YouTube at a later date.  If you’re in the area, stop on by for a tweetup at the shanty – and leave the fancy beer at home.