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Hot Potato!

Got a surprise delivery* from Nueske’s this morning, four of the most lovely smoked turkey legs I’d ever seen. Spent the day thinking about eating them for dinner, then I get the late afternoon call from my wife, “I’m really in the mood for baked potatoes.” At first I bit my tongue, then I thought, hmmmmm, this could work…

Nueske's smoked turkey leg meat and Agaricus bisporus on the griddle

Jalapeños and red peppers enjoying the heat

Baked potato with Nueske's smoked turkey leg meat, Nueske's applewood smoked bacon, green onion, red pepper, mushrooms, jalapenos, chives, cheese, sour cream, butter & fresh ground pepper.

One turkey leg down, three to go. Can’t wait for lunch in the ice shanty this Saturday. Thanks @Nueskes!

*I did not pay for or ask for this awesome gift. I did not promise to blog about it, take photos of it, or tweet about it. However, I did blog about it, take photos of it and tweet about it because I LOVE tasty things, and Nueske’s has mastered making things tasty.