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Kissing Ozzie Smith after a game of first-name-last-name

Thanks to Osborne Earl “Ozzie” Smith for being (by far) the coolest sports legend I’ve ever met. My heart does back flips for The Wizard of Oz.

Want to play a game of first-name-last-name?

It’s easy…

  • Locate someone in the room
  • Quickly determine what famous person they look like
  • Loudly state the famous person’s first name + last name
  • Then, without missing a beat, state the first name + “fuck*ng + last name

PLEASE NOTE: Famous people don’t need to be present to play this game, but when they are, be ready to kiss them for extra points. All points earned can be redeemed for beer.


My “don’t tase me bro” moment at the Super Bowl

Attempted to get on the field at Cowboys Stadium… some see this as a FAIL, but I see green carpet under my feet.

#gopackgo #MBteamS