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Internet + Refrigerator Art = Crazy Delicious

It all began on a lazy Sunday back in June. My daughter was quickly growing bored with summer vacation, a variety of boredom that a stack of art supplies couldn’t even cure. She was lacking inspiration… and the thought of another butterfly (#173/300) wasn’t helping.

One tweet later, problem solved:

“6yr old daughter is making fridge art. Tweet a request and we’ll take a pic and tweet a link, print out for your fridge if you like it!!!”

The request: I need a scary monster with “Keep Out” … my 3yo keeps invading and spilling. Juice last weekend. Eggs this weekend. /via @aaronjstreet

from @aaronjstreet

The request: Can she draw an owl that will scare squirrels and chipmunks from my yard? /via @epsteada

from @epsteada

The request: I would like some fridge art that says “The Beer is Daddy’s.” or something like that. Please, @iceboxart? /via @bpmore

from @bpmore

Now that school is starting up she’ll be busy and less bored, so your request might get the back burner. Plus, she wants to concentrate on sketching out current events and tackling the latest Internet memes with crayons. Double rainbow FTW!

How about giant squid attacking submarine? like in 20,000 leagues... /via @JackLeblond

An alien in some sort of outer space landscape. /via @PinkPeonies

A beagle! /via @TeecycleTim

If I send you a picture can you re-create it in your beautiful drawing style? /via @annmwhite

I'm particularly fond of rainbows. Or flowers. Or a rainbow with flowers. /via @LisaTetzloff

A banana with a top hat. /via @sethodell

See all the creations in the Project: Fridge Art set on Flickr.

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