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Humongo Nation 2010 (the rolling demonstration of creativity and innovation formerly known as Plaid Nation)

Don’t you love when a bunch of good things get together to make a new and even better thing? Sort of like a mixture of cap’n crunch + frozen yogurt + coconut, the Humongo Nation tour blends all of the things that make the Web so tasty with real people discussing their recipes for success. If you enjoy marketing and the social Web, this tour is a must watch.

The Humongo Nation Command Center (slightly altered)

Here’s a look at my tour day*:

  1. Watch the recap video of the previous day’s tour stops. @renatoghio is a video god, always produces great work.
  2. Follow the tweets @HumongoAgency and @darrylohrt, with a little #HumongoNation search to see who’s playing along.
  3. The blog is cool for people with strong reading skills who have no idea how to hit play on a video (see step 1) AND new this year is a FOOD BLOG which is quite tasty. Y’all should expect to see a Paula Deen recipe posted after the July 28th tour stop in Savannah.
  4. If you followed step 2 you’ll eventually get a tweet telling you the Flex Cams are LIVE (road cam pictured below). Usually this happens between 3pm – 6pm EST.

The Flex Cam puts you behind the wheel

The road trip from Maine to Miami has already reached Raleigh, NC (today they visit BeanCast™ FTW!) with plenty more AWESOME stops along the way. Follow the journey at Humongo Nation 2010 and if you’re a fan of the facebook, they’re over there, too.

If they are coming through your area, *ping* them and try to meet up. A great group of creatives with a Flex full of free t-shirts for those lucky enough to connect.

Me and my son celebrating the new t-shirt!

*Yes, I do this everyday of the tour, even while at work. I’m a Web guy responsible for social Web initiatives, this is professional development at its best. Not to mention a great way to steal ideas that work.


Random tweet re: #4thofJuly

Please note: While I celebrate holidays in real-time on twitter, I usually wait 10 days before blogging my holiday wishes. Happy Independence Day!