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Photoshop FTW! Bieber Fever spikes for littlest Sanders

Local radio station 95.9 KISS FM was running a contest to win Justin Bieber tickets. All you had to do:

Give Dad a pre-Father’s Day Bieber ‘do! Use scissors, a wig, whatever you have to do and submit photos…

Scissors can be painful and wigs are infested with lice. So I decided to tackle the “whatever” angle and hoped a Photochop wouldn’t be disqualified.

We got the Bieber Fever

Right before Heather Storm announced the winners on the air, my wife reminded me that the last thing I won from a radio station was a four-pack of tickets to Stars on Ice back when we lived in Pensacola. Now THAT is a Bieber-ticket-winning omen!

When she said our name, the kids went crazy. My younger son actually went a little too crazy, but we’ll save that for a later blog post.

If you’re going to be at Summerfest for the Bieber concert look for me and my daughter, we’re working on a really cool costume hoping to get Justin’s attention.

Stars on Ice, Justin Bieber… can only imagine what I’ll win next. Go ahead, leave a comment with your snarky prediction. If you’re right, I’ll split the prize with you. Bonus points for something Canadian.

And in related news… I won the lottery. Even saw the lights on the Goodyear Blimp and it read, “@tsand‘s a pimp” got to say it was a good day.

Powerball winnings


Toy Story 3 star left visibly shaken over promoted trend on twitter

When repeatedly questioned about the fake trend promoted on Twitter by Disney/Pixar, Sheriff Woody Pride finally put down the bottle cap and pulled his string:

-slurred- You’re my favorite deputy…totes!

Woody drinking tequila and holding a pistol

A distraught Woody, questioning his ability to trend on his own

While that was his only statement outside the tiny West Hollywood cantina, an unnamed source close to the situation had this to say:

Ever since we wrapped filming, Woody has been a little touch and go. He really took a dive when the series finale of LOST left him with more questions than answers. Pixar faking a trend on Twitter was the last toy in the box. This shit aint going to end with him on a horse riding off into the sunset.

Longtime supporter and past sponsor, Matthew Perry had one thing he wanted Woody to know:

I just want him to understand…sure we’ve had differences in the past, but he has a friend in me.

Woody fending off paparazzi

Woody fending off paparazzi outside the tiny cantina on Sunset Blvd

But seriously. What the fuck is up with “promoted” trends. Twitter, this shit don’t make sense:

Promoted Trends are a new advertising concept we began testing this week; they are an extension of our Promoted Tweets platform. Like Trending Topics, Promoted Trends are already trending on Twitter but haven’t yet made their way into the Trending Topics list.

Don’t get me wrong, back in the 80s I was a huge follower of fake trends. I wore a Coca-Cola polo and sported at least 3 Swatch watches nearly everyday of 7th grade. But to let corporations piss in the trending topics stream? Dearest Twitter, rethink this one… PLEASE. It’s enough to make us small people drink.*

*By drink, I mean drink more than usual. By small people, I mean everyone who doesn’t vacation with Carl-Henric Svanberg.

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Awkward Phone Call Reenactment

Things usually stop with the tweet. But @sethodell replied, and that got me thinking… Seth OWNS video, so maybe I should ride this contact high and make a video of my own. So in the spirit of the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica off we went on an adventure.