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Happy First Day of Spring!

To honor the arrival of spring, my family puts spring colored ribbons on every spring we can find (see photos below). Then when night falls, we sacrifice a goat and roast it over a hot bed of coals while dancing naked around the fire chanting phuk-yew-win-tar. (photos available by request only).

How do you celebrate?


Do you follow Barack Obama on twitter?

I thought I did… but I was wrong.

If you are following @BarackObama you are not following the man who is the 44th President of the United States of America, but instead an organization run by the Democratic National Committee.

I blame Twitter for the confusion. They have verified an account run by Organizing for America (the DNC group behind @BarackObama) even though the account’s name and bio do not mention the organization. The bio has plenty of characters left to revise this oversight, may I suggest: “44th President of the United States – This account is currently being run by Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee.”

According to Twitter’s Verified Account (BETA) page the big reason for verifying an account is:

To prevent identity confusion, Twitter is experimenting (beta testing) with a ‘Verified Account’ feature. We’re working to establish authenticity with people who deal with impersonation or identity confusion on a regular basis.

I feel that Twitter should ask the organization to update their bio with less misleading information, or simply remove the verified account status. To me, it seems that identity confusion is made even more confusing when Verified Accounts come into question.

Am I alone in this view, or just the only one stupid enough to bring it to light during tax season?


UPDATE: Turns out the info is all there, just cleverly hidden in the background image. Full of FAIL for mobile devices, small browser windows and screen readers.


Please note: I’m registered as an Independent, I watch neither Fox News nor MSNBC, I’d much rather watch LOST and Modern Family (two of the best shows on television). As an American, I honor the office, but not always the man sitting behind the desk. By following @BarackObama I thought I was declaring my support for America, not for an organization with political views that may differ from my own. I hope Organizing for America understands my concern and chooses to update their bio.


SXSW Day 1: things that never really happened

Great start to the day… flight out of Green Bay was delayed due to fog. Thankfully it lifted and I was able to make my connecting flight in Las Vegas.

Arrived only 5 minutes behind schedule to a beautiful Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and immediately checked in on Gowalla. To my surprise, I found some @garyvee cheese welcoming me to Texas.

Decided I’d walk to the Convention Center because I have yet to conquer my fear of taxis… remember last year?

My cab ride at SXSW 2009

Thought I’d spread the check in love and fired up Foursquare once I arrived at the Convention Center. -THIS IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED-

I walked 9 miles from the airport just to stand in line with some guy snapping paparazzi-style photos.

Even better, while in line I got a call from my wife. Turns out today was my day to pick up the kids. Two goals instantly came to mind, (1) get badge and (2) get beer.

@darrylohrt dared me to pull the fire alarm, so I did.

Made a terrible mistake when sitting down with Lisa Kamm & Alex Cook. They were on a panel talking about long distance user experience, while I was simply attempting to order a beer. After the long walk and long wait in line, I just needed a place to sit and drink. My bad. Shitty drink service, but great discussion guys.

Ended the day with a dimly lit dinner at Parkside with @JessDennis and @LisaRedShoesPR. (Original image:

PLEASE NOTE: I’m just pretending to be at SXSW. I believe the kids are calling it #notatsxsw or #fakeSXSW.

Big thanks to philcampbell, @TeecycleTim, adrants, epc and @LisaRedShoesPR.