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Random tweet re: #fear

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What could have been…

I know James Cameron knows what he’s doing, but Avatanic would have been huge.


Dear Internet, thanks for being cool again

Confession: I grow tired of things at an alarmingly quick rate. Like that one Christmas when I got the G.I. Joe Anti-aircraf… never mind, that story bores me.

The Web is awesome, because it never stops growing, changing, evolving. I discovered the Web thanks to a beverage coaster AOL mailed me in the mid-90s. It was cool, but I quickly lost interest. Then I found the chat rooms, game on. The first time I ever typed a message and hit the enter key I was amazed, had no clue I could type that fast. When people -not machines- replied to my message, I got shivers, real goose bumps and a feeling I can only describe as drug-induced. But again, I quickly grew numb to it all.

If you are not a fan of ABC’s Modern Family you can stop reading now…


But the thrill has returned thanks to Twitter (just like an AOL chatroom minus the flame wars). Sure I’ve been connecting with people in my profession, and making new friends both locally and nationally. But now I’ve discovered Internet Gold, the cast of Modern Family tweets! It’s not that lip-sync stuff the award-stealing Glee cast pipes out, it’s the real deal. Enhanced by real photos from the cast including this sexy picture of a hot and saucy Latin American dish NSFW*.

I discovered this Interweb magic while watching the SAG Awards® thanks to a tweet by Ryan Case, an editor of the best show on TV.

These are the actors, not the characters. Their tweets are so authentic it makes me feel like I’m one of the gang — and this is just 24 hours after following them. Scary, I know. Full-blown stalker symptoms should take at least a week to surface.

As you may be aware, they didn’t win an award last night, and while highly cherished by some, I’m sure the @tsand follow on twitter was the Web version of the worst consolation prize EVER. And since we’re talking award snubs… I could blame the Golden Globe loss on the Russian judge scoring low. However, the Screen Actors Guild Awards® loss is tougher to explain, my theory involves a highly influential group of Puttin’ on the Hits fans and Al-Qaeda. But let’s move on…

So, how can you experience this feel-good Interweb story of the year? It’s simple, follow them on twitter. But please remember, these are the actors, not the characters. So don’t bash Eric Stonestreet when his character leaves Mitchell over a misunderstood Grey Poupon joke. However, when Sofia Vergara follows me back on twitter and it begins to destroy my marriage, that shit is for real, not the meddling ways of her character Gloria.

The cast:

BONUS – the folks who hide from the camera:

Please note, not all of these accounts are verified, but that will not stop me from living the dream. Modern Family FTE!**

*may cause an uncontrollable urge to eat chips and salsa, which isn’t conducive to a productive work environment
**For The Emmy®


My son claims technology is required for dating

Ever get a voicemail that makes you say WTF? My family is great at concocting these perplexing messages. Below is one such message that was followed by a callback and, unfortunately, more details than I’d like to share. Too bad I don’t know how to edit video…