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Three tsand moon

Finally found an outfit to wear to Twilight New Moon on Friday…


VIDEO: HighEdWeb 2009 #heweb09 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Are you in this video?
Add a comment w/ your twitter name and the time of your appearance (read: 0:00) and I’ll add it to the video as a bubble when you appear.

Don’t have a twitter name?
Then chances are pretty good you aren’t in this video, unless you gave a keynote over the lunch hour.


Behind the scenes of the Sesame Street‎ Google Doodle

I was sworn to secrecy until today…

My daughter and I were given the rare opportunity to help create a Google Doodle for Sesame Street. The photo shoot was awesome, the Google bots were super nice, and lunch kicked ass (even though we had to pay). Imagine our disappointment this morning when we saw that we were taken out of the final Google Doodle. Still had a great time in Mountain View. Thanks Google!