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Entering manhood: Step 28, the pie eating contest

And so begins a new video series with my sons…

Video description via YouTube:Entering manhood requires many steps… ice fishing, goose hunting, gag shake drinking, and the list goes on as far as the father’s imagination will allow… a little known ritual is the hands-behind-the-back banana cream pie eating contest, which is only performed on the 27th day of July. This is a video of that once secret ceremony, one in which Parker whips Chase’s ass. For Parker manhood will come soon, for Chase, there is always next summer.”


Hurry, hang two lanterns… Plaid invades Wisconsin by boat

That’s right, sometime this morning (Tues, July 21) the Plaid crew will float across Lake Michigan and land on the Milwaukee shoreline. I believe this is a direct attempt to not only insult me, but also the lovely city of Green Bay. Really, what’s wrong with the Mackinac Bridge and a GB tour stop? There better be some serious deck side twitpics of nautical themed pashmina afghans, or it’s an extra tablespoon of salt in the wound.

To counter this punch to the gut, I will be traveling to Chicago to cut them off, hopefully for a Tuesday night beer chug, or perhaps a Wednesday lunch date (fingers crossed for Chicagoland SUBWAY restaurants having Chicago dogs and Italian beefs). Shortly after I win them over with my charm, I’ll slash the tires of their Ford Flex or slap a sticker on its bumper, haven’t decided which pill to slip them yet.

I mean, I thought I knew @darrylohrt and @davidplain, hell we had lunch together at SXSW in the spring, even placed my foot in darryl’s basket while @benkunz (currently guest blogging at, another Plaid success story) gazed at my ass. Guess people change, sure hope Ben has changed…


Blossoming vendetta aside… Plaid is awesome. So stick up your virtual thumb, and go for a ride:

PlaidNation is a rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action. It’s a Plaid Ford Flex driving through the country meeting creative, marketing, brand and internet workers, and celebrating their innovations. Every aspect of the tour is broadcast on Like the best reality show, but better.

Hitchhiker’s guide: | Twitter | #plaidnation | Flickr | USTREAM | Facebook

Original photos by plaidnationphotogallery (flickr), @DavidPlain (twitpic) and bradjward (flickr).


I HATE country music, but LOVE Sugarland

Sugarland made a concert stop in Green Bay and decided to give away some tickets. Instead of doing the typical “5th caller” thing on the radio (which I’m sure they did, but I don’t listen to country stations, because I HATE country music) they tweeted out a location, took a twitpic and made a YouTube video of where they hid some tickets in the Green Bay area.

I think it is AWESOME that Sugarland is doing these social media scavenger hunts at their tour stops. It’s fun, it makes them real people, and it rewards the crazy fans who will venture into a Wal-Mart and poke around gas cans looking for a magical envelope that makes dreams come true! While I have a strong dislike for country music, I now have a newly formed respect for a country duo with a sweet name. Thanks Sugarland, for letting me join in the fun.