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Do you have a Web hero?

I do, and the alphabetized list of Web heroes just doesn’t do him justice… so I thought I’d give him a blog post.

A long time ago, in a land not so far away I was inspired to vlog (video blog). My inspiration came from the show with zefrank — ze thought so I didn’t have to, freeing up valuable time for me to learn how to use a video camera and imovie.

I emailed him for vlog guidance along the way. He replied with insightful criticism and much encouragement, in the end it worked out great… 1 CASE District V award and 2 CASE International Circle of Excellence awards – kind of a big deal with the higher ed crowd.

His personal words of wisdom were enough to complete my man crush, but he went even further and agreed to do an intro for my show, the Stuff2Do vlog. Of course he owed me for the intro I did for him (the show 09-13-06 – yep, that’s my mouth). No, he didn’t owe me, but that’s how I convinced him to do it.

Below you will find my attempt to be as awesome as ze, sure I fell short, but having him do an intro for my show was better than any award I could ever win. Thanks ze, for not only being my hero, but for making me think even when you said I didn’t have to.

Tip for the higher ed crowd: Don’t pay attention to the latest and greatest in higher ed, look over the campus walls for inspiration. Then copy it and win awards. Job security FTW!


NEVER change your avatar

…unless you want to.


BREAKING: Kate’s haircut was dethroned by the King of Pop


See how it all ended…

Yep, still full of FAIL. 🙂