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Wisconsin tumbles with logo and slogan

Wisconsin, live like you mean it (view the logo)

I wasn’t born here, but have grown to love Wisconsin. My kids were all born here, and they really love Wisconsin. It’s a crazy kind of love, one that makes you want to do cartwheels in your front yard. No really, I mean it. If you live in Wisconsin you must not only live like you mean it, but also be a tumbling machine. If you want to dick around with your life, there are 49 other states that will gladly have your uncoordinated, earthbound ass. And I guarantee they won’t make you feel like doing a floor exercise down your driveway during an early AM session with the snow shovel.

So that’s why I’m upset Wisconsin paid a reported $50,000 for their new slogan and logo. To me, it was way too obvious. Hell, on the drive home today there were no less than three kids doing cartwheels, serious. One even pointed my way upon returning to her feet and yelled, “live like you mean it, or move back to Florida, pretty boy.” OK, I kid on that one, she called me “dad” not “pretty boy.”

So why on earth did tax payers have to pay so much for something so apparent to so many? One word, merchandising.


I can imagine multiple book deals, songs, life coaching programs, wall art, coffee mugs, trinkets even liquor promotions. The possibilities are endless, and the best part… most of the hard work (creation/production/licensing) has already been done.

Sure, many see this logo and slogan as a FAIL FTWI!* But my guess is, they’re just not living like they mean it… yet.

*For The Wisconsin!