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7 things you may not know about me(me)

Thanks to Barbara Nixon’s tagging skills, I’m now part of the “7 things about…” meme (not sure how to pronounce meme – watch the video below).  Her blog post was text, but saw Jason Falls did a nice video a couple weeks back… mine’s a hybrid:

  1. Grew up in Bermuda
  2. First car = ’79 Ford Granada
  3. Went to high school in Italy and Alabama
  4. Own an ice shanty
  5. Was gifted a “Bush knife”
  6. Invented snowboarding
  7. Son had open heart surgery

Want more details, or just enjoy watching unattractive people talk to themselves?  Watch the video:

It’s not for sale, but I do have a pic of the “Bush knife” up on flickr!

And… you’ll notice I didn’t pass this meme on to others. May it die here, cause nobody likes doing work when they’re on vacation.


Most *authentic* view of campus. EVER.

Admissions didn’t want to do an “electronic” holiday card this year, most likely because I gave them Soulja Bird last year. But on my last day of work before Christmas we had a snow storm, and upon my arrival to campus at 6am I spotted a plow making the rounds. Long story short, a few minutes in iMovie and an upload to YouTube, and this is what we got:


LOLKIDS: Life is good

LOLKIDS life is good


Video response to Chris Brogan’s “Open Invitation” vlog

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) did a great video on what to do if you ever have the chance to meet him in person. If you haven’t already done so, please watch Brogan’s video before watching my response (should help you understand why I feel that I’m Bizarro-Chris Brogan).

Strange thing is, I have the exact opposite of Brogan’s problem. No crowds, no fans, few followers, even fewer multi-state travels… When I’m at conferences and I introduce myself as @tsand (pronounced: at-tea-sand) I just get funny looks. So thought I’d voice my take on things and do a video response to Brogan’s. Turns out I love the phrase “you know” more than I ever knew, hmmm, I smell a contest.

THE CONTEST: Count the “you knows” and tweet the correct number to @tsand, first one to get it right will receive a recycled gift (thanks to @bradjward‘s 1,000 penny giveaway).