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Halloween costume from 2 years ago

Princess Leia Organa Solo was actually a nice choice, ear muffs in Wisconsin at the end of October FTW!


Conference review: HighEdWeb 2008 #heweb08

HighEdWeb Infinite Solutions 2008 Conference, October 5-8, 2008

Location/weather (0 out of 1 point)
In Springfield, MO on the Missouri State University campus. On TV, Springfield seems more animated. Rain/mist was around way too much, best weather-day was a travel-day.

Hotel room (0.1 out of 1 point)
University Plaza was OK, but nothing to tweet home about. Room smelled of small mechanical fire and the AC had a hard time keeping up with my sweat glands — perhaps related issues. Big bed with four pillows = awesome. Leaky atrium roof + marble floors = me on ass (not awesome). Heard the hotel pool was refreshing (see video).

Food (0.2 out of 1 point)
Heavy hor d’oeuvres were nice, especially Discovery Cove’s “Stairway to Gluttony” social event. Especially liked the Chicken Cordon Bleu Balls — am I the only one who finds the name of that dish hillarious? Missed the Midwest-Sushi-Run organized by @fienen (pronounced fin-fin), heard the Channel Cat maki was to die for.

Drinking opportunities (0.2 out of 1 point)
Plenty of opportunities, just didn’t capitalize on them. Think I’m getting too old for the conference drinking circuit. Hopefully I can snap out of this funk in time for HighEdWeb 2009 in Milwaukee – the best beer town in the world, and what I think is the perfect location for this conference (read: won’t have to visit an airport).

Rating: 0.5 out of 4

Update: Thought I’d add a link to how I judge conferences for folks who get pissed off that I only gave the conference a half point rating.