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The Trashball Championship Series of UWGB

Kyle James (the .eduGuru) suggested that the higher ed web community take a little time away from the busy work week and have some fun (he claims it fosters creativity). So, @ganyardp and I decided to follow his advice and play a little thrashball during the lunch hour.  Not familiar with trashball? Here’s a crash course to help get you started.


Not Cuil…

not cuil


Is Todder down for you, too?


Give Todder a try >>


Drop the F-bomb, win an award

Maybe it’s more of a fluke than a recipe for success, but I’ve won another CASE Circle of Excellence Award and was able to drop the f-bomb at work in the process. The winning piece was a video/animation parody of the foul-mouthed cartoon South Park that I created for Stuff2Do last fall.
Background (inside jokes for the campus community):
  • Athletics got a new “Phoenix” logo – non-athletic folks on campus (yeah, I’m overweight) were warned to never use it, penalty of death by locker room towel snapping was issued for all who didn’t comply.
  • Taco Tuesday, the best food deal on campus, was eliminated. In the place of 2 tacos for 2 dollars, we were given overpriced panini – campus climate entered a downward spiral as outraged faculty/staff/students weaned themselves from chili powder and salsa.
  • Doing voices for cartoon characters is incredibly humiliating.
  • Flash is fun, but time consuming.
  • My scissor skills are decent.
  • Taco Tuesday was brought back to campus the following Tuesday. The Chancellor even sent me a note thanking me for my efforts and thought Stuff2Do was “largely responsible for bringing Taco Tuesday back.”
South Circle – The South Park Parody: