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Is higher ed finally getting it?

It’s not every day that I find a cool higher ed job being posted. In fact, I’ve never come across a higher ed job that provided the two pieces of awesomeness that make me dream of working at another institution (incredibly exciting job description and a solid pay plan). But today, the University of California Riverside busted that cycle

Provide leadership, strategy development, and supervise creative and programming work for campus wide interactive/digital and new and emerging media on campus. Collaborate with the Director of Marketing in identifying ‘best use’ of interactive and digital technology in university communications. Develop monitoring system for UCR presence in nontraditional media.

Wait, it gets even better…

Critical to the position is the ability to play an advocacy and educational role in promoting an understanding of and exploring the use of emerging Internet-based technologies, conceptualizing and prototyping services based on these technologies, and initiating campus-wide projects that relate to these areas. Also, the incumbent will serve as a principal liaison with UCR Internet and Web-related groups and as an advocate for the Office of Strategic Communications and University wide administration.

And the cherry on top…

Work is often not based on established procedures.

Ready to apply?

Strategic Communications

Unfortunately, my love for bratwurst and frostbite will keep me here in Wisconsin. However, I find it a wonderful surprise to see higher education stepping in a new direction. Congrats UCR — on embracing the new Web. I hope your cycle busting will spread across the higher ed universe and create more awesome jobs for me to dream about.