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Vacation time

cocoa beach

Beach, pool, boat, beer, sun, smiles, sand, seafood, beer, spf 50, shells… I think I’ll post a few more times from FL just to piss off friends in WI. Finally I have a use for technology!


LOLKIDS: the SAT score

thanks to my nintendo ds my sat score is 2400

SAT Prep Game Coming to DS

LOLKIDS: social networks

are you ready for us?


The New Web – quicker/cheaper, yet more time consuming

the new web

When I began my journey as a Student Affairs Webmaster (for hating the term, I sure do use it alot – pinky to side of mouth “Mewhaaahaaaa”) in higher education over five years ago, the sites that I took over were basically regurgitations of offline materials.

I attempted to get departments to think in new ways about the Web, but it was an uphill battle. They could only see the Web as a virtual rack of brochures, destined to collect dust.

Now, thanks to online video, wikis, blogs, and social networks, and largely thanks to students’ acceptance of all things new, the departments/offices I work with are realizing that the Web has real potential. Yes, they are finally getting it, sort of…

This newfound love for the Web has unearthed a new problem – lack of time to devote to the Web.

My side of the equation is easily covered – you want a blog, and I’ll have it up by the end of the day. But the human side (the content and caring side) is now the missing piece.

The old “brochure on the Web model” was extremely hands off:

  • Approve a design that looks pretty
  • Get the Web guy the copy and some links.
  • Then step away and revisit in three years; sooner if a new director comes on board who favors a livelier color palette and larger logo.

The new model is a little more involved:

  • Wet
  • Wash
  • Rinse
  • Repeat and repeat and repeat

They now need to monitor the conversation, enter the conversation, add value to the conversation, and nurture the conversation. And on occasion they’ll need to defuse bombs and extinguish fires. Sure they do all of this already, but not online.

This all requires time – time that departments aren’t yet ready to hand over to the Web. We’re all understaffed and overworked, so the back burner is a great place for the Web stuff to simmer unattended. Front burners are for cooking, and without someone constantly stirring the pot, things are going to burn, alarms are going to sound, and windows are going to be opened to air out the stink.

So while we can now do great things (quickly and cheaply thanks to Web 2.0) and have departments/offices wanting to do them, truth is, until job descriptions are revised to include online responsibilities we’ll never be able to fully embrace the power of the new Web.


Goal… Caveman Karl’s FTW!

A buddy of mine and I coach a youth soccer team. Our sons get to play on the same team since we are the coaches. It’s a good time, and we really enjoy doing damage to our knees with every kick and cut. This year we wanted to get my neighbor’s son on the team, but because of his work schedule, he wouldn’t be able to coach, and therefore his son couldn’t be guaranteed a spot on our team.

Then, out of the blue, we get a sponsorship form in the mail. Just $125 and you get your logo on the jersey and your sponsor’s kid(s) get to play on the team. Sweet. Only problem, my neighbor doesn’t own a business anymore. So, to the drawing board we went (or should I say Illustrator).

His name is Karl, he’s Polish, we drink beer in his garage on occasion (and the world’s best Bloody Marys), and we cook out in the summer nearly every day of the week. Ta-da! The birth of Caveman Karl’s (blurred out street name) Pubski and Grubski.

Caveman Karl\'s Pubski and Grubski

All is right with the world, I write a check for $62.50 and so does my buddy (the other coach) and we send off the sponsorship application and funds and crack open a beer to celebrate. Karl promises since we paid for the sponsorship fee he’ll have a mid-season pool party for the kids and their families.

The season has yet to begin, but I do promise you a detailed report of how things pan out. And of course, a pic of the mid-season party the team owner is throwing, ahhhh, good times in suburbia.

ATTENTION: Seeing as most parents will instantly google “Caveman Karl’s” the second their son shows them the jersey – and seeing as this post is the only mention they’ll find of the “business” online… Welcome parents of Caveman Karl’s soccer team, it’s going to be a great season, we’re going to learn some skills, win some games, lose some games, and we’re going to have a great time doing it — and don’t forget about the mid-season pool party at the newest establishment in town.


I have a secret…

are we ever going to get a cell phone

I have never owned a cell phone. Yes, a bit strange for someone labeled a webmaster. Truth is, I’m afraid of radiation traveling through my ear canal deep into my skull. No, not really. I’ve just never had the true desire to be in touch with others from anywhere I step.

Sure, it’s nice to talk to my wife (from a buddy’s phone) when I’m in a field shooting at geese, or on a frozen lake sucking down some beer and watching a hole in the ice. But do those calls really enrich her life? My guess is no. She quickly reads through them — it’s like she can sense I’m trying to get bonus points.

Even if the number one item on the “winter driving survival” list is a cell phone, I still refuse to give in. Instead, I pack both vehicles with enough supplies to last a long weekend and a copy of Postman’s Technopoly. Once again, no, not really.

Will I ever own a cell phone? While one can never say never, I’m sure my children (pictured above) will own one well before I do. And, yes, when hunting/fishing, I’ll make sure they bring it along.


Lipstick on a pig (video)

So campus is having a “makeover madness” event and you’re trying to make the students take notice. How can you get the word out and spend some quality time with your daughter?