If Leonardo da Vinci had Draw Something

Training Day: 70 Avocados in the Half Shell

35 avocados on a table

I created a storify that explains what is going on, unfortunately wordpress dot com won’t allow it to embed, so follow the link if you’d like your questions answered…

[View the story “Avocado Challenge” on Storify]

Did you miss the link? It’s right above this line.

Two lines up, you’ll find the storify link.

Your tweet was over 140 characters. You’ll have to be more clever.

super long tweet

Remember back in the day when someone figured out that DMs weren’t restricted to 140 characters? That was cool. We got so crazy making long DMs and revealing the *secret* to people. We were so crazy back then.

Remember when lists were introduced? Man, that was going to eliminate some clutter. Arrange people by topics, go check out a list, get smart on a topic. That never happened, I’m still dumb on gardening.

Remember twitvid? During a summer vacation to Chicago, I thought that shit was going to be the future. I still like it, but nobody else does. Just like soccer.


Remember when you first met someone from twitter IRL? Hey kids, daddy’s going to meet the lady from twitter at a hotel bar. When mom gets home, try to make it sound less creepy. @BarbaraNixon you were my first! I’ll always remember.

Remember when you were the only one at work on twitter? You’d spend all day tweeting about non-work stuff. Personally, I never took part in that. Thought it was morally wrong.

Remember when Obama tweeted… then didn’t tweet… then did again? Guess it goes in four year cycles. Strange. Thanks for connecting with us Mr. President!

Remember those “Brittany Fucked” SPAM accounts? That was my first celebrity experience on twitter, I apologize if I boasted each time one followed. It made me feel special.

Remember when your wife used to bitch and moan because you were on twitter all fucking night and day? [points to garage] #silence

Remember summize? I bet they look back and wish they asked for more money.

Remember when you figured out how hashtags worked. #remembertwitter

Hot Potato!

Got a surprise delivery* from Nueske’s this morning, four of the most lovely smoked turkey legs I’d ever seen. Spent the day thinking about eating them for dinner, then I get the late afternoon call from my wife, “I’m really in the mood for baked potatoes.” At first I bit my tongue, then I thought, hmmmmm, this could work…

Nueske's smoked turkey leg meat and Agaricus bisporus on the griddle

Jalapeños and red peppers enjoying the heat

Baked potato with Nueske's smoked turkey leg meat, Nueske's applewood smoked bacon, green onion, red pepper, mushrooms, jalapenos, chives, cheese, sour cream, butter & fresh ground pepper.

One turkey leg down, three to go. Can’t wait for lunch in the ice shanty this Saturday. Thanks @Nueskes!

*I did not pay for or ask for this awesome gift. I did not promise to blog about it, take photos of it, or tweet about it. However, I did blog about it, take photos of it and tweet about it because I LOVE tasty things, and Nueske’s has mastered making things tasty.

Play with your food: Leftover salsa and gummy bears

I asked the folks over on the twitter what I should make. Unfortunately, they were all busy with lunches of their own.

Pita with ham and swiss, Southwest Ranch Kellogg's® Special K® Cracker Chips, gummy bears and some leftover salsa from El Sarape

First thought was to phone it in… not because I’m lazy, but because I was hungry. The salsa was spicy, the hot tub made sense.

Hot tubbing gummy bears

But after my first non-lemon-flavored bite, I detected my mistake.

Gummy nachos look fun, but taste not fun

Ended up going with Noah’s Ark in the Red Sea. Not sure how that played out if everything was flooded, but it’s lunch, so didn’t think I had to get dinner-time technical with it.

Two gummy bears enjoying the view from the Lido deck

Play with your food: #GuacamoleWars

#NYE tradition: Hatch dinosaur eggs (aka avocados)…

Base Station.. avocados are hatching. Over. #GuacamoleWars

Angry Avocado HULK.

We're too late.


If Charlie Sheen read bedtime stories